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*now on ebay. Link inside* Selling alot of my Redskins memorabilia collection

SlinginSammy HOF '63

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Items now on ebay. Good luck: http://my.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MyeBay&CurrentPage=MyeBaySelling&gbh=1&ssPageName=STRK:ME:LNLK

Some of you may have or haven't noticed me mentioning recently that I had an aortic dissection in August. It's sort of like an abdominal aneurysm, but a tear instead of a ballooning of the aorta artery. This is what killed actor John Ritter. Pretty harrowing experience and they didn't know for about 12 hours if I was going to make it. Well, here I am 2 months later a survivor with some medical bills as a suvenir andan area that's scarring up, but will now forever be watched for the formation of an aneurysm. :) I'm clearing out much of this collection to pay some bills, but mainly to take care of this so my wife isn't stuck with the chore in case the unthinkable happens to me.

So here are my offerings. I'll leave this stuff here, but tomorrow will be a big sale on ebay. If someone here meets my asking price before the auctions end I'll gladly shut down the auction for you.

First is this Sonny Jurgensen signed full size Riddell RK helmet and the autograph has been authenticated by GAI. This sig is VERY hard to come by.

$300 or make a fair offer



Stay tuned. More stuff coming soon.

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We all loved the Deisel, John Riggins. Here's an authentic Full size Riddell helmet made to an exact T like the way he wore his in the 1982 Super Bowl XVII MVP run. Complete with the RK suspension that Riggins preferred, the tucked feather decal and even the yellow plastic reinforcements, nosebumper and 2-bar mask he wore. He makes a yearly appearance at Sports Card Heroes for signing and this helmet would be sweet with his autograph.

$175 or fair




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This one is a creation of mine. I took an old Riddell used helmet, repainted it the old burgundy from the 1970s, added an authentic old gray mask, old scipt Riddell nose bumper and added padding to ths helmet to recreate a Super Bowl VII theme helmet. The nosebumper as you can see has fallen. The inside padding is held in by velcro. The decal on the non signed side is coming off slightly, but this helmet has five sigs that may be hard to get on one helmet again and has room for more sigs. These five sigs are of players who played in SB VII.

The autographs are:

Larry Brown

Charley Taylor

Billy Kilmer

Mike Bragg

Diron Talbert

All of these sigs were obtained by me from Sports Card Heroes in Laurel, MD. Sports Card Heroes has alot of former Reskins in for signings and more sigs could be added and they also attend big evens like the CSA even that has many Redskins players. if you cannotmake the event you can drop off the helmet at their store and they will get the auto for you.

I know the helmet is old and rebuilt, but the sigs, vintage facemask and nosebumper make this helmet.

Also, the five tickets from each signing will be included.

$270 or fair offer






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I messed that one up.:doh: Thanks for catching that one Gracelander.:cheers:

Rich, thanks and anymore these things just don't mean as much to me. I am keeping some stuff like my Joe T auto'd helmet, Billy Kilmer auto'd helmet, a Charley Taylor auto'd jersey, an authentic leather helmet I cleaned up, repainted burgundy and mailed off to Sammy baugh's home to get signed and a a newspaper page from 1937 with a huge article about us winning the 1937 world championship.

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