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Other than ESPN980???

Thinking Skins

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There are times that I hate listening to ESPN980 (between 2 - 4 for example). So I normally spend this time just browzing other channels looking for other good shows. So I was wondering if anybody knew any other radio stations that I can get Redskins info, or general sports info, or even more general just guy talk?

Lately, I've been listening to WJFK a lot. I used to listen to the Sports Junkies and Don and Mike a while back, and now I get into that stuff a little more now, but they talk about UFC stuff a little too much for me.

Then there's 1450, which has a nice sports show that runs at the same time as the Sports Reporters, and another that runs at 7. So when Czabe or Andy is just annoying me to the point of frustration, I can turn to this channel to get some more sports talk. The main problem with this station is that when its not a sports talk station, its political talk, and that can get annoying real fast. So if you dont want to hear about politics, you probably shouldn't turn to it before 4.

And I just found out I can get Baltimore's 1370, which is mostly Ravens talk, but they throw in the occasional Redskins segment here and there. Plus its a FoxSports radio station, so think I can catch Czabe's morning show there, but I've never tried (I'm more into TJMS on 102.3).

And then there's the GREAT Sirius Radio, which has Riggins and Shein on from 10-2 (much MUCH better than The Riggins Show that was on Redskins Radio). Normally we get a lot of Redskins talk on that show, but it conflicts with Doc's show so its kinda bittersweet to listen to it.

But thats pretty much my rotation. Are there any other stations that I'm missing out on? Any other online radio stations that I should check out? Or places I can go to get player interviews and stuff?

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Docs show is garbage because they took the black guys off. Jay Cotril and Ralph Wesley and tamed it with crap like Sheehan and the crappy producer who does not even play music other than nfl film intros.

There is nothing in this area now since espn 980 merged. Before you could at least solid shows like redskins lunch on one station and Docs real show at 9 , Dan Patrick and options.

Now its just crap. None of the shows take a lot of calls. No options. The junkies come on too early and should be on in drivetime.

Its a crapshoot now.

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yeah, for real............

wait a minute- what??

Its the truth. Everytime Doc host a show they put someone to balance him out. Dan Miller, Al Kokin and now Sheehan. Kokin was a good mix because he has a personality. Sheehan is a joke. You can have a guy who is a gambling nerd attack as a cohost with a guy who is all about meat and potatoes football. Its insulting to me . Docs show was great. He finally got a shot and they took it from him.

There is only 1 good show now in DC. The junkies. Problem is they don't talk sports most of the time.

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