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Scared Eagles Receiver?

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Someone is floating around here with a .sig of an Eagles receiver looking frightened as a 'skin is closing in on him. Does anyone know what I'm talking about or have a good res version of that image?

I wish I could remember whose .sig it was in..

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I love that video.

The one I'm thinking of has an Eagles receiver who looks like the ball just got into his chest, looking towards the camera, eyes wide as hell as a skins player in the foreground is closing on him. He looks like he thinks he's being attacked by a demon. It's terrific.

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i believe it was Todd Pinkston and it was against Sean Taylor, but Ryan Clark was the one that was gonna hit him.

Looked on google but couldn't find anything but a really bad image, that gave it no justice.

here is a video of it


Imagine if Pinkston actually got playing time with us. :thud:

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