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FYI- Fan Conduct Rules Start Sat. in NYC


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Giants Stadium: Tighter guidelines for fans



August 13, 2008

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Acknowledging that many fans are fed up with an unruly minority among them, the NFL last week announced a recommended "Fan Code of Conduct" for its teams.

Yesterday, the New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority, which operates Giants Stadium, weighed in with detailed guidelines that echo the NFL's approach.

Among them are reducing the time that parking lots will open before events from seven hours to five, restricting alcohol purchases and threatening to revoke season tickets from unruly fans - or from season-ticket holders who have given or sold their seats to misbehaving fans.

The Sports Authority's guidelines do not break dramatic new ground and in most cases reinforce and codify existing policies or common sense rules.

One that figures to be welcomed by many fans but rejected by others: an attempt to restrict profane language or gestures, especially those aimed at other fans.

"Guests will enjoy the event experience free from disruptive behavior," it reads, "including foul or abusive language and obscene gestures and harassment of visiting team fans."

The NJSEA also promised "view-blocking banners within all stadium spiral ramps as a deterrent to improper behavior on the spiral ramps." That is a reaction to the harassment of women by young men at Gate D during Jets games.

In a letter mailed to season-ticket holders yesterday, Jets owner Woody Johnson wrote of a new program called Jets FansFirst that among other things will enable fans to contact security directly via text message during games.

"As a father, I find it completely unacceptable if fans are uncomfortable bringing their children to a Jets game," Johnson wrote.

Pat Hanlon, the Giants' vice president of communications, said of the Sports Authority's announcement: "We want to work with the NJSEA to ensure that all our fans are able to have a positive game-day experience, and we will do our part by attempting to improve on our 3-5 home record of a year ago."

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