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Why didn't the clock stop ticking.......


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No, but that is an excellent example of the difference between a Parcell's or Gibbs coached team, or even a "good" Marty team. Normally such a thing would be rectified immediately because a Skins' Art Monk or Gary Clark, with Gibbs would be raising He** or a Dave Megget or Thompson or Simms with Parcells would be in their face! These players like Taylor and Green could play their arses off and quote the on-field regulations to you. Knowing the game inside out is how to get to the top. That with making plays puts enormous pressure on the opposition and gives the team confidence to not let up.

We just don't pay that close attention to the little things that make a "good" team "great", nor is our roster complete with a whole team full of winners. We still have some boat riders that want to cruise to Marshall Hall and enjoy the carnival, but don't want to pay the price. Catch the ball and get creamed, while holding on for dear life.

Remember Warren and Didier, Byner and Clark?

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Originally posted by RySkins:

The league implemented new rules a few years ago whereby the clock only stops when a player carries the ball out of bounds with less than five minutes remaining in each half.

Actually, I believe that the clock is supposed to stop ticking between the time that the player runs out of bounds, and the time that the ball is spotted on the field for the next play.


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I believe you're right. However, you'll see the officials almost always rule forward progress was stopped before the player went out-of-bounds to keep the clock running.

I think the length of these games is a point of emphasis with the officials this year. Obviously the officials working the Rams/Saints game didn't get the memo as they threw ~28 flags and had the game turn into a 4 hour affair.

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