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Wanted: Great Cowboys tix


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You're probably better off going to broker site.

There are only a few hundred front row seats to begin with, and I doubt many of them belong to ESrs. The brokers are sure to have a few of what you're looking for. After all, they cater to specialty buyers just like you.

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I'd like to be Hugh Hefner. Oh yes, and get $10 Skins/Pukes tix.

Bro, hit up a ticket broker. No one is selling those seats around here.

Last season, there were SEVERAL for sale here...






There were also several posts about front row seats as well.

They do show up, but last year I couldn't afford them.

Thios year I may be able to, depending on the markup ;)

There is even more discussion about whether they are worth the money or not :)

No harm in being patient and seeing what happens. There is lots'a time left :)

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