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  1. Jim Zorn is still a crap coach. Just watched him go for 3 when down by 4.
  2. A man with that kind of unchecked power has to have some #metoo moments. Perhaps that's a smarter approach.
  3. I work nights and with being forced to work every other weekend, I have to skip some sleep if I want to see the Skins game. I'm too busy and too exposed to crowds to watch on DVR. Lately, if I oversleep on the start of the game, I shrug it off. We are a nine-hour drive from FedEx (we live in Indiana) and my son had begged me to take him to the Lions game on the 24th for his birthday. After today's contest, he said nevermind. Instead, we'll take a two-and-a-half to three-hour drive to Columbus to see the Caps play on the road in December. More convenient, cheaper and we get t
  4. I have been a Redskins fan all my life, and I'm 42. My father worked Sundays for them as a yearbook photographer in 1972, when they lost the Super Bowl against the perfect-season Dolphins. He was on the roof of RFK when they beat Dallas 26-3 in the championship game. I wore Sonny Jurgenson's No. 9 jersey as a baby, even though he'd retired. That's my father's respect (at least it was) for the Redskins tradition and history. In all my years as a Redskins fan, I have lived in the DC area for exactly 10 months. Didn't matter. I've been to many games -- both at RFK and FedEx -- v
  5. Dear Danny, I thought we did some really good off-the-field winning last night. Did you see Blink-182?
  6. At some point, doesn't an owner realize that his primary life pursuit should be pursuing something that doesn't leave him losing and hated? Money or not? Or is he really in that much denial? There's a lot of ways a man like Dan Snyder can make a lot of money. Including a windfall from selling the team.
  7. Fire everyone except for McLaurin and Tress Way. I have NEVER felt this low as a Skins fan -- and I've been cheering for them since 1982.
  8. With Verizon losing exclusive mobile rights to games, the following method just got a lot easier. This is for people with streaming TV with local channels (YouTube TV, Sling, PlayStation, Hulu with Live TV, etc.) I live in Indiana. I don't have cable or satellite -- I use YouTube TV. Neither of the first two games were locally televised here, but I watched both... legally. I do not know if this method will work with people who have Sling, Hulu or any other streaming TV provider with local channels, but I can't see why it wouldn't. Make sure you have your TV provider
  9. I grew up in Connecticut, but I managed to make three Redskins home games at RFK (and three road games at Giants Stadium and the Vet) in my childhood. All but one was a Redskins victory. All three home games were wins. First was in October 1985 against the Lions. We were given tickets AND passes to the Touchdown Club for breakfast. This was close to Riggins' last hurrah. He had three touchdowns and ran for 114 yards. We sacked Eric Hipple six times and intercepted him twice. Theismann got the job done and, for once (in his last year), didn't throw any picks. Skins won, 24-3.
  10. I watch the games legally and I don't pay a penny. I don't live locally. Just by being a YouTube TV subscriber. If you're a cord-cutter, it's the best service for this reason. Get a VPN (I use Unlocator for five bucks a month, which enables me to watch blacked out NHL games as well.) Then do this. All it takes is a laptop or desktop with a Google Chrome browser. https://www.expressvpn.com/support/troubleshooting/spoof-location-google-chrome/ Then I watch on YouTube TV like a local.
  11. They pulled it. Something about copyright infringement. How quaint.
  12. PRACTICALLY HD!! http://www.veetle.com/viewChannel.php?cid=4b18f3c80cc33
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