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Ernie Davis Related Trivia Question


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Good bit of trivia but very debatable, people can make up their own opinions but Mitchell was traded from Cleveland and under contract before Hatcher signed with the Skins in 62.

Here's Mitch's interview with the Post in 2005 in case anyone is interested.

Bobby Mitchell: Interestingly, everyone keeps asking the question and I have answered it many times in the past when people talk about the first black player with the Redskins, and they get it all mixed up. There's a difference between the first black to sign, the first black to play and the first to catch all the hell. The reason I say that is that it is true that Ron Hatcher signed his contract with the Redskins before I signed my new contract with the Redskins. My contract with the Cleveland Browns had already been sent and accepted by George Preston Marshall, making me a Washington Redskin. I had not signed a new contract. Ron Hatcher was drafted out of Michigan State, and Bill McPeak signed Ron Hatcher to a new contract, so there's always been the question of whose the first black player. Well, I played, Hatcher didn't. I caught all the hell, Hatcher didn't. So most people consider me the first black player. If Ron Hatcher had played more football for the Redskins, then I am sure more people would have been aware of exactly where he fit in the scheme of things.


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