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Training Camp only 8 days long?


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I understand that the Redskins have 5 preseason games. I understand they don't want to get too warn out before the season.

What I don't understand is how they have only 8 days of training camp. They're entering the season with a new coach, new offense and three new offensive weapons. Training camp seems like it should be the time when things get learned and you start seeing everything piece together. From everything I gathered, their last camps they were still a little troubled with their offensive chemistry.

According to ESPN.com, the Colts (also 5 preseason games) still have about 21 days of training camp. The Redskins have the shortest training camp of all the teams. The next shortest is the Jaguars with around 12-13 days.

This is the first time I have truly paid attention to the training camp schedules, so maybe the dates reported on espn.com aren't very accurate. I do know that a lot of those dates extend through teams second-sometimes third-preseason games.

I do believe the game experience will benefit the WR rookies, as they get a bit more experience sizing up NFL defensive backs and how sharply they need to be at route-running. I also know that practice is the best way to learn the playbook.

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The ESPN.com page doesn't distinguish closed from open, so perhaps you are right. The 'Skins have 8 days of "open" practices but then will continue their training camp through the preseason?

I know they'll continue practicing, I just hope it's a serious effort.

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Of course it is longer than the number of days open to the public.

They accommodate the public......then get us out of the way and get down to business.

They do drills for us.........and work on the real stuff when they are not distracted by people begging for autographs, pictures etc.

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