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MVN - Is Chris Cooley on to Something?

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Chris Cooley writes that Roger Goddell’s words about the rookie pay system, “There’s something wrong about the system,”, bring clear into focus a major problem about NFL salaries.

Currently, the owners can spend up to 59% of the NFL total revenues (divided 32 ways) on player salaries. Cooley’s argument, a belief he has held for awhile, is that too much of this finite amount is going towards players who have proven nothing in the NFL.

Does it make sense for the NFL to structure rookie salaries? When the owners and players association get together to discuss an extension to the CBA this year, you can bet your bottom dollar that this will be a major point of contention.

One big reason to think a change could come here is that the players union is not particularly opposed to revamping the salary system: after all, the guys leading the players union are all veterans anyway, the ones who are getting screwed by the current system.

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If this new "compensatory pick" system were adopted, whats to stop a team that needs a QB this year but is not impressed with the crop of QBs this year from drafting a guy they don't want, not signing him and then trying to draft a better guy the next year? And what would the unsigned player do in the mean time? Would he just sit around and wait, or get so desperate that he's willing to sign for next to nothing? I don't know if I like this either.

The problem with a set salary system though is the question of is it based on position or pick? And how do you handle the kid who played DE in college but gets moved to OLB in the pros?

But I do agree with Cooley that this is a major problem with the curreny salary cap system.

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I think a cap system for rookie contracts in each round drafted could work.

Whatever the salary cap is each year, a rookie contract can't go above a certain % of the cap limit. The % would vary from round to round. I am not completely wise in the ways of contracts and structurings, so this is just me hypothesizing. I know enough to make informed guesses, but I don't know enough to where I can talk with complete confidence in the subject. However, I think most of us are this way anyway, lol.

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