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Night with the Jabbawockeez (now with their performance)


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I headed over to the Monster of Hip Hop dance competition at Virginia Wesleyan College yesterday to hang out with Sweet Sassy and Rogue Squirrel. The Jabbbawokeez and Luam were there doing classes and the Jabawokeez performed. I didn't have my camera during the day, but Rouge Squirell got some pictures.

After the competition there was an afterparty at Ohanas in Virginia Beach, where were were lucky enough to get into the "VIP" (I use that term loosely) with the Jabbawokeez, their security guards eventually let them roam free and have their fun with the fans, it was an awesome night, especially as there were many free drinks to be had in the "VIP" section, here are some pictures.







The last one is great, he had two girls dancing on him and was asking what to do :laugh:

Here is the link to their performance last night at ohana's


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Hahaha, the show was pretty awesome. The afterparty was a lot of fun too, granted everytime I was in the VIP section the free drinks were nowhere to be found. Glad you had a good time B, thanks for coming through and helping us out.

No problem for helping you out.

If ya'll get in VIP with Kaba Modern (if they and ya'll come down for it), you should try for some free drinks :D

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