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Redskins approval poll, 1999-present (response to all the other polls)


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:laugh: Good one R4L21. I did that old Three Dog Night.

Seriously, I know posting a poll on top of other polls isn't the most popular thing to do. But face it, there's been some amount of disingenousness in this whole exercise......first with McKenna's attack on ExtremeSkins, then OldFan's poll asking us to rate Snyder "over the last few months," then McKenna coming back with "well, that was a bogus poll, and the mods intimidate people anyway", to the latest "Well, lets show McKenna poll."

The results of the latest poll so far show approval for Snyder. And I respect Art's statement about the limited amount Snyder can do besides hire the folks and sign the checks. But I'm not sure how folks can be satisfied with how this team has performed since he's taken over (admittedly, the six seasons before that were no bowl of cherries either). But I'm just curious......what do you blame?

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