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Fox Sports: Goodell: Pacman still needs to accept responsibility


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The pukes' FO would rather have us believe that Pacman's team is dicking them around over picks than the OBVIOUS obstacle: Goodell.

Jerruh really should talk to the guy before going public about a bad player.

Pretty stupid. Pretty much Jerruh.

by Alex Marvez


Rather than deliver a lengthy state-of-the-union address, the commissioner only spoke briefly before introducing top NFL executives who are spearheading various league initiatives. According to two team executives in attendance, the personal conduct policy that Goodell instituted last year was a common thread during those discussions.

Hopefully, the NFL's flagship owner was listening.

Jerry Jones is undermining Goodell's efforts by actively pursuing Exhibit A for player misdeeds: Pacman Jones. Dallas remains in trade talks with Tennessee for Jones, who remains under NFL suspension for a slew of arrests, outrageous off-field behavior and — in Goodell's eyes — a lack of remorse.

"I've always said that he has to accept responsibilities for his actions," Goodell said at an afternoon news conference. "When he does, I will reconsider his status."

Goodell said that won't happen before April's draft. But even if he doesn't rule until the start of training camp — which is Goodell's deadline — Jones may already be in Dallas. NFL rules don't prohibit trading the contract of a suspended player.

Pacman Jones seems so confident that he will become a Cowboy that he reportedly signed autographs Saturday night with No. 21, which is the jersey Deion Sanders wore while with Dallas.

From strictly a football standpoint, Dallas' interest is understandable. Jones is a young player (24) with game-breaking talent who can be had on the cheap. He is slated to earn just $1.29 million in 2008 and under contract for modest salaries two more seasons.

Jones would be a bargain provided his football skills haven't eroded during a suspension that dates back to last April. Off-field problems have overshadowed the fact Jones was blossoming in the same fashion as Chicago's Devin Hester. Jones returned an NFL-high three punts for touchdowns in 2006 and, unlike Hester, proved he could be a quality starting cornerback.

Even with the embarrassment he caused the franchise, Tennessee missed Jones in 2007. Titans defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch spoke in late December about the impact Jones could have made if used on an offense lacking big-play threats in the same way Chicago deployed Hester. Weeks later, the Titans squandered a staunch defensive effort when scoring only six points in a first-round playoff loss at San Diego.

Jones would clearly draw huge headlines upon his arrival in Dallas. But the Cowboys are one of the few teams where he could eventually fade from the spotlight because of the attention drawn by other colorful characters in the locker room. Once-suspended defensive tackle Tank Johnson was quietly able to resuscitate his NFL career last season while Terrell Owens and the Tony Romo sits to pee-Jessica Simpson romance captured the media's fancy. Former Cowboys Sanders, Michael Irvin and Calvin Hill — who has drawn high praise for his consulting work with Dallas' off-field player development program — also could provide Jones a strong support group.

Should he screw up again, the Cowboys could release Jones and take no lingering salary cap hit. The Titans don't enjoy that luxury from having given him significant guaranteed money as part of a lucrative rookie contract. Tennessee will reportedly take a $5.4 million cap charge by parting ways with Jones this season.

But just because acquiring Jones makes sense for the Cowboys doesn't make it right — especially while he is barred.

Goodell said some of the comments Jones made about his past actions last week during a lengthy radio interview were "encouraging." Yet there also were times Jones continued to make excuses for his troubles. Jones even admitted he wasn't necessarily going to stay out of strip clubs forever despite the problems he has encountered there.

On the same day as the interview, a flyer surfaced on the internet touting Jones' appearance at an Atlanta-area nightclub with the promise, "We gon [sic] make it rain!" Jones is believed to have skipped the party, eliminating the possibility of another shooting like the one that followed his tossing gobs of money in the air at a Las Vegas strip club in February 2007. But the fact Jones was even advertised in such a fashion once again raises questions about the company he is keeping.

Jerry Jones would be doing more than tarnishing the Cowboys' trademark star by trading for Pacman Jones now. The same goes for any other teams that would enter the bidding. Dallas also would be sending the wrong message — that football skills outweigh bad character — after Goodell has worked so hard to improve the league's image.

The Cowboys should support Goodell's hard-line stance by pulling the plug on this game of Pacman until Jones is officially cleared.

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BTW, the pukes now have company inquiring about Pacman:

Goodell’s comments came as the Titans and Dallas Cowboys continue to talk, while other clubs apparently inquire about the suspended cornerback’s availability as well...

The Cowboys remain the frontrunner to acquire Jones, but Goodell said he has told teams who have inquired about Jones that he makes no promises regarding reinstatement _ that the onus is clearly on Jones to show he has taken steps to improve his behavior.

“The clubs that contacted us, I have made no commitments about his availability,” Goodell said. “I said I would make an evaluation and a decision prior to training camp, but there have been no promises made by me about what the outcome is. I’ve been very clear. I’d like to see how Pacman does and how he responds. They know the consequences; they know the status of the player.


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I dunno about all of this. Seems like he is making progress but he isnt doing what the Commish wants. It is his league and if you want to play in it you better do what he asks.

And the fact that nothing will happen before the draft kind of makes it clearer to me why Dallas is coming out and saying they havent traded for him.

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Jerry Jones would be doing more than tarnishing the Cowboys' trademark star by trading for Pacman Jones now.
The star has been tarnished before but this one would be the most blatant of moves.
Dallas also would be sending the wrong message — that football skills outweigh bad character — after Goodell has worked so hard to improve the league's image.
This is why my feel has been if they sign Pacman and he gets in trouble yet again, Dallas could feel Goodell's wrath. Signing Tank was chancing it but he was really they only player available. There are FA and draft alternatives to signing Pacman.
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