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Draft scout:Every QB's draft projection...Who will the Redskins select?


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There are 16 QB's projected to be drafted between rounds 1-7 on draft day...All the others are just hoping to be snagged up afterwords...

We currently have 2 QB's that will make the team for sure...(Campbell and Collins)..The question is...Are we going to sign a veteran to be the #3,or are we going to get one of these guys..? :)http://www.nfldraftscout.com/ratings/players.php?genpos=QB&draftyear=2008&sortorder=tsxpos&order=ASC

I doubt Colt Brennon last to the 5th round although projected to be 4-5th rounder...If he is there with our 5th round pick,I think I would love to take a shot at him there... :2cents:

Dennis Dixon would be interesting in the 6th round if he is still there...He's a projected 5-6th rounder...

Bernard Morris would be worth a look in the 7th round...Specially if we have a few 7th rounders to to take a flyer on...He a projected 6-7th rounder as of now...

Obviously...if we can get these guys as the best available player,I see no reason not to take a flyer on them and hope it doesn't end up like the Palmer pick...

But there will be a ton of undrafted free agents to look at as well...so if we have needs at other positions,I can certainly understand in waiting on them...

I just think the risk/reward for taking a flyer on a QB that will be cheap and have time to groom in your system,is probably the best pick a team can actually make IMO...In such low rounds as the 5th,6th or 7th round.. :2cents:

One thing is for sure...With Campbell and Collins in there as the #1 and #2...I see no reason to go out and sign some old "has been" or "never was" to take up a perfectly good spot at #3,when a young rookie can come in to groom at QB who one day could be a servicable QB or hit a gold mine in a Legend like Tom Brady or Joe Montana and such players...

I also think with Zorn being former QB's coach and now Head coach,that not only is this a no-brainer...but that is what :2cents: the front office will actually do IMO...

Of course this all depends on how many QB's we plan on keeping and having on the roster or depth chart..Which is usually 3... :cheers:

Who do you guys want to see us target at QB in the lower rounds or perhaps in free agency after the draft(undrafted rookies)?

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Don't forget we likely have an extra 3rd round and 2 7th round choices from our free agency losses from last year. I could certainly see us using a 7th on someone just to avoid the rush to sign undrafted QBs. Could also use that extra 3rd but I would rather see it used on a lineman or cornerback.

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Kevin O'Connell would be a nice pickup. He's got good size (6'5, 225) and very good athleticism. He could develop into a good backup.

I agree with this. Watched some of his highlights at the Hula Bowl. Athletic, good release, seems to feel pressure pretty well. Good later round project guy.

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Just a thought: why waste one of the 53-man roster on a 3rd QB? I remember a game where we lost all of our QB's and Brian Mitchell (a former QB in college) was brought in to finish the game. If you've already lost the first two, the game's probably already gone. Why not just have Randle EL learn a dozen plays (8 running, 4 passing) and plan on him being the 3rd QB in an emergency.

Admittedly, if we don't significantly upgrade the OL any in the draft, the odds of getting our QB injured again is very high, but the 3rd string QB is usually a waste of a position, just a mobile clipboard holder. A practice squad guy can hold the clipboard on the sidelines.

As I said, just a thought. I'd rather have another DB or LB.

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