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Redskins release one.


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Cerimele didn't stand much chance from the beginning of making the roster. This was the move to make to bring on Dorian Boose who was just signed at DE.

the MRI is not good news. I guess they want to eliminate the possibility that there are more serious problems than just the tendinitis and it is something that can be rested and worked through.

If George is hurt and needs surgery or time off, the team is going to be hard pressed to make do.

Starting the season with Husak as the starter right off the bat seems a huge gamble.

Acquiring Frerotte as has been mentioned can hold us over for a stretch of games but he is no 16 game answer either.

To have an injury like this happen on the second day of camp in a non-contact situation is really bad luck.

There aren't any starting caliber qb's available, that's why Billy Joe Tolliver in Green Bay and Mary Rypien in Indy got jobs last week.

If Husak were to start and Marty got the team to the playoffs anyway, he would be coach of the year no question.

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The good thing is Husak willbe getting the majority of snaps in preseason games anyway and that should help him and us.

Jeff obviously misses his wife and the best way to reduce the pain in his shoulder is to switch hands laugh.giflaugh.gif


Take a sip of the Marty Kool Aid and Believe

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It would suck if George went down mainly this is his few remaining chances to prove he can win.

As far as Todd starting, anyone remember someguy 2 years ago by the name of Kurt Warner, some guys just need a chance, not saying Todd would be the same but Davis can make any QB job alot easier

Hail Skins

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