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Pat Fischer signing autographs for FREE


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Just got this email. You have to love the price:

To show our appreciation for everyone who has come to our autograph events, and with the cooperation of our friends at The Card Cellar. We have decided to have our Pat Fischer signing as a TRUE CUSTOMER APPRECIATION EVENT.

That means every customer who physically comes to the event on Saturday, March 22nd, from 2-4 pm, will receive TWO FREE AUTOGRAPHS from Washington Redskin Great PAT FISCHER. If you would like more than 2 autographs, they are available for purchase of $10 each. Mail order & drop off for this event is $10 each.

(see www.LeaderInSports.com for more info)

Don't forget about our online store. We use flat rate shipping. That means for every purchase from our website, shipping is only $10 (no matter how many items you purchase).

Future Events at The Card Cellar:


Pittsburgh Steeler Great:

Greg Lloyd

Tickets: $20


Washington Redskins 70 Greatest Members:

Ricky Sanders & Jim Lachey

Tickets: $20 each or

Combo: $35 (both players)


NFL Hall of Fame 1982

New York Giants

Washington Redskins

Sam Huff

Tickets: $35

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It just goes to show that there are some left with class. It's funny but it seems that the more $ these players make, the more they want for an autograph. Pat Fischer is one of the good ones left

Actually, I think the card cellar is the one who is doing this. I believe they pay the athletes, but are just making this event free to the public as a customer appreciation thing.:applause:

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I personally know the owner of The Card Cellar. He is a stand up guy. Go out, get some autographs and buy some stuff from him.

I know I have dropped a pretty penny there in my days...

Hey... he must be, especially since he is giving back to his customers.:notworthy

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In light of a certain un named DB (cough Landry cough) who yet again today failed to show up for a commitment to meet the fans, I thought I would bump this thread... one of the best Redskin DB's in history (he is in the ring of honor)... signing autographs for free... and I am willing to bet he will actually show up.

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Did you go to the free event? I bet it was pretty cool huh? I really liked talking to Pat Fischer at the CSA show. He was really a great autograph experience.

Yes...Pat is always cool. He had a long line that took awhile... part of it is because it was free... the other reason was Pat was taking alot of time talking with each person. It was a blast. The store posted a video on youtube of Pat on his knees signing a bunch of the Hooter's girls shirts.

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