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Who will have the best season on offense in 08


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I think Portis or the coaches or both discovered how great a weapon he can be when you get him outside and get a short pass to him. That added element, missing in the first half of last season, seemed to be born in the late second half. I don't know if someone had a sudden flash of brilliance or if it just suddenly became a fall back because of problems we had with the WR's and the OL, but it worked.

If we do not get a couple of new OL, it's still going to be a long season. 10 year veteran offensive linemen are one play away from injured reserve, every game. If you know something is coming, the failure to prepare is no excuse. Pick OG and C/OG in the 2nd and 3rd rounds or expect more of the same offensive mediocrity next year.

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Without question, the most consistent part of our offense these last 2 seasons has been Chris Cooley and I don't see that changing one bit. Another great year, another trip to Hawaii, but I expect even better numbers with a more pass oriented approach this year.

Cooooooooley all the way!

And with Gonzalez aging, Gates hobbled, and Witten plauged by the virus that will soon rampage its way through Dallas (or so I heard), I think that it's not unreasonable to expect an All-Pro season for Captain Chaos.

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