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I expect the Redskins to land Randy Moss!


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I always thought in the back of my mind,that Randy Moss would one day be a Redskin...

I believe this will be the year!Here's why... :2cents:

1)He's the best FA WR on the market...

2)Moss will want to get paid and no team including the Pats can nor will be able to beat the Skins and their ability to throw the loot at him...

3)He's the perfect fit for what we need right now...He's 6'4",he's fast and he's money when it comes to scoring...

4)We will want to keep our draft picks this year and won't require trading them to aquire him...

5)With the Defenses as tough as they are in the East and getting better...Snyder,Zorn or whoever will want a playmaker who will make Campbell's job that much easier,plus R.Moss will open up the field for everyone else...

Why throw a draft at a WR when you can just toss money at the best Reciever in football...I'm sure if the Patriots don't want him bad enough to tag him,the Redskins will take advantage of that and get him!

1)Randy Moss

2)Santana Moss

3)Antwan Randel El

4)Chris Cooley

This will make for a very dangerous combination...

We will focus this years draft on Defense IMO... :cheers:

Pieces are already there for offense except for Randy...(even Campbell can't overthrow Randy)

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