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In defense of our kicker.....


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He looked like that at the beginning of last year, which is why he was cut to begin with. He may look like that again if Redskins fans get ahold of him.


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Conway has had a string of bad games after a very good start to the season.

His kicks have not been lacking in distance so it appears he is not suffering from a dead leg.

It is a question of confidence and accuracy. It may be a technique breakdown.

That is what Mark Moseley seemed to indicate.

Like a baseball batter Conway has developed some hitch in his stance so to speak and is hitting the crossbar instead of pulling the ball in tighter.

I would not say, however, that he is a lost cause.

All kickers go through slumps.

Just like we didn't cut Davis after fumbling 3 times in the opener, I don't think you cut Conway right now.

He did hit the 47 yarder yesterday, so I think his problem is correctable.

It does bear watching however.

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