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Interesting first half - QB gets fire under his...


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butt and finally delivers a TD. Ditto for for some other things. Things are slower coming together. This is the part of Jeff George I was familiar with here.

Alibi for performance based on minor, yet nagging injury. Makes your running game predictable, but almost always becomes the team "hero" with the pass. Yeah it's still preseason.

Get the feeling the "running game" will flourish in the second half, thus setting up the pass. George is "ineffective" with a "ball control" offense.

Stephen Alexander needs to settle down, not get so dang "nervouus" when the ball hits his hands. He is a VET isn't he. Is he drifting or what?

DL and OL overall sluggish. Change this week will have ONLY the best of the team on the field. Look for markeable change in performance in the San Diego game.

They're really letting up just a bit too much.

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