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ExtremeSkins 2001: A new archive


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Ive archived all of Om's fictional game accounts below for anyone interested in a great read.

Click on the "Hop to:" menu at the bottom of any thread and scroll down to the bottom to select the archive.


P.S. For some reason I have not figured out yet, the archives do not seem to work on Netscape 4.7, but work fine in I.E. Hopefully I can get that debugged soon.

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I've said it before, I'll say it again ... Netscape sucks. Can't see any of the Archives ... frown.gif

Seriously, though, very humbling, Blade. I don't know what to say, perhaps for the first time in my life. cool.gif

[edited.gif by Om on August 05, 2001.]

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Blade didn't you know, this is a Bill Gates friendly zone?laugh.gif

Great read wouldn't it be sweet if we could have Sonny and co do the play by play as scripted.


Take a sip of the Marty Kool Aid and Believe

[edited.gif by NavyDave on August 05, 2001.]

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