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At least my "fantasy" team has convincingly made the playoffs...

Question: Out of the 3 following Running Backs...which 2 would you start?

Justin Fargas - OAK vs Colts

Kevin Jones - DET @ Chargers

Edge James - ARZ @ Saints

I've been keeping Edge in pretty consistently...but he has slacked as of late. I've been flip flopping between Fargas and Jones...but I just can't get it straight. Jones seems to light it up when I have him on the bench and vice-versa for Fargas.

Which combo would you use next week?




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I don't know, Im the fantasy equivalent to Tom Coughlin. Twice now, I have gone from 5-2 down to 7-6, only to squeak into the playoffs where I am now 0-2. I blame Tom Brady for both failures even though he did his job this week. (last year he got a 0.0 week 13 and ruined everything)


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