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  1. There was nothing hideous about those uniforms. HIDEOUS were the ones the Eagles were sportin' today. Yeah, I know they crushed the Lions. But those things were probably the ugliest throwbacks I've ever seen.
  2. Yeah, during the game I was wondering what they might look like with a burgandy top. I still liked the ones they were, though.
  3. Jones is a thug. Period. Any other place he is out of a job. Btw, I do agree with you about the overseas stuff. That's a really stupid idea.
  4. Its pretty stupid to already want Goodell gone. He hasn't done anythng to warrant that. Get over yourself. I applaud him for wanting to rid the NFL of thugs like Pac Man Jones. It's long overdue. Give the guy time. He seems to be doing a decent job so far.
  5. I think Burgandy on Burgandy looks great. I wonder why they never wear those?
  6. Wrasslin' is complete garbage. You should be ashamed that you admit to going to see that crap. But you are young, still. I just hope you don't ever have kids and subject them to it. Nothing worse than seeing some 30 year old dad bringing his kids to watch that ****. Does your mom know this is what you're doing with her money? :doh:
  7. That souds hideous. And we will never wear a black jersey. So, forget it.
  8. Jaguars AND Redskins fan? You don't know what being a real fan is all about, sir.
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