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  1. I wasn't intending a troll. Actually I am not on the side of a name change. Up to this point, it's been admirable for the Redskins Nation to stand their ground against the language (thought) police. If the Redskins name falls, next it will be the KC Chiefs. Then it will be something else. Maybe like the Patriots or Cowboys nicknames for being too white supremacist. This cancel culture crap isn't going to stop as long as the league keeps caving into it.
  2. If this were any other season, I would say the Jerry Jones curse continues. Another 8-8 season or at best one and done in the playoffs. McCarthy looks and smells like a reject. But thanks to COVID-19, I stand a decent chance of not having to live through the curse this season.
  3. I know it's not my place to post about this (being a Dallas cowboys fan) but I would love to see the Redskins organization teach the league and the snowflake cancel culture a lesson. Change it to the Washington Allskins. Because, you know, all skins matter. It's inclusive and it tells the PC mob to drop dead at the same time.
  4. Well I'll say this for the 2014 Cowboys. At least I didn't have to wait until December for the meltdown this time. The Jerruh BSPN-fueled hype machine took off, crashed and burned all within the first half of the season. The best part of this embarrassment is that are just enough crumbs of hope left to keep the sheep moving to the slaughterhouse. I don't know how Jerruh does it. He dishes out one plate of crap after another and he still gets a line of customers begging for more. I've never seen anything like it!!
  5. Here's my little rant following the Cowboys loss to the Redskins: As much as it was painful to watch the Cowboys get exposed by the Redskins on a nationally televised MNF game, the thing that I don't think I will ever get over is flippin' Jerruh strapping on a headset and talking to the announcers during the game. And then not even 2 minutes later, him scrambling down to the sidelines to rescue his 34 YO brokeback QB and lecturing his puppet coach during the game. It doesn't get more pathetic than that. Even the late Al Davis never stooped to such idiocy!! So once again, **** the Cowbo
  6. It definitely sucks. But at least this year, the Cowboys are working towards being a running, physical team. Percentage wise, that works better for the latter part of the season. Traditionally, playing NFC East road games in December hasn't bode well for a pass-happy Romo with a below average OL and lack of commitment to the running game. It's been a disaster, actually. So, at least philosophically the Cowboys are going about it the right way. At the same time, I also believe that Jerruh is cursed and that the hype he manages to create is also the ultimate downfall of this team. So far, ever
  7. Is it wrong for a Cowboys fan to be on a Redskins forum to condemn the Cowboys? Maybe TK can set me straight. All I wanted was for one season of low expectations, a season of flying under the radar. And especially for the idiots over at BSPN to keep their mouths shut about the Cowboys. One win over the Saints and all of that went out the window. Every goddamn Cowboys fan, player and coach are all over the place running their mouth. I swear it has come to the point where I relate more to the Cowboys haters than I do Cowboys fans. I hate that every time the Cowboys do something good, Jer
  8. I agree. SL has the heart of a lion, the body of a pencil.
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