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My 700th post is dedicated to my friend Sean Taylor


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I actually left my cousin's wedding early to come home and watch the game. As a matter of fact, I missed the beginning of the wedding too. I was down in the hotel lobby for the 1st quarter. :)

Me too!!! Well not my cousin, but friend. Say... the wedding you were at didn't happen to be in Fredricksburg, VA did it?

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i have nowhere else to post this since i have NNT tag. hope you dont mind, but i had to get this out.

It probably seems weird to most of you, but I feel like I have lost a friend. I didnt know him personally, but I hung out with that guy every Sunday for 3 hours and during the week whenever I read about how hard he practiced or encouraged his teammates for the past 4 years. And now he is gone.

I spent all of Tuesday at the bar in my ST jersey taking a shot of tequila every time he was on ESPNEWS. I got to 5 in less then 2 hours when the bartender made me stop and limited me to only beer. I spent most of the rest of the week doing the same and it didnt do me any good.

Sunday was really hard for me. I am not going to front, I cried. I cried like a man who had lost a friend or a fellow soldier on the field of battle. I cried over the loss I felt his family has endured and how lonely Sundays are going to be without him out there lighting fools up. I smiled at all the highlights they showed of him. Beating Randy Moss up while in midair and slamming his head into the ground on the way down. How he hit Patrick Crayton so hard it knocked the football back about 10 yards. When he laid out Hines Ward and the ball kept going another 5 yards. How he picked up that fumble against Philly and sealed our ride into the playoffs. I can remember when he did that how I stood on top of my barstool and screamed like a kid who just got his first bike for Christmas.

It just saddens me that when the story first broke he was a thug whos lifestyle had finally caught up with him. But now that it is brought to the light that wasnt the case, he is this great football player who brought out the best in everyone and was going to end up in the hall of fame. how fast the media flips its story and jumps on the bandwagon.

People like Wilbon, Pasquarelli, and others who were quick should take a lesson from James Brown. Be more mature and responsible when reporting on things.

Im gonna miss Sean on the field and the ferocious hits he put on fools. I cant tell Cowgirl fans any more that TO wont get 4 TDs over the middle out of fear of the MEAST (man beast). That when 21 is in the lineup WRs tend to pull up quicker and get alligator arms. He was not only my favorite Redskin but he was my favorite player in the NFL.


While you're up in Heaven on God's all-defense team, dont forget to hit those fool #### Cowgirls in the mouth one time for us down here. Show Tom Landry some respect, but then stomp his fedora. Rock Ron Springs one good time and then shake his hand. Rivalries dont die, they just move on to a better and more fun place.

RIP brother..You should have eternal peace now.

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