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Nice Westbrook article.


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I'm all for Westbrook performing up to his potential (which really is incredible). But there's a line in their that troubles me. Marty relates:

"During one of our minicamps, he was upset about something and slammed his helmet on the ground.

"I said, 'Michael, you don't need to do that. If you're upset, the first thing you want to do is make sure the other guy doesn't know that. If he does, he knows he's got you headed in the direction he wants you to go. Second, you don't want to waste that energy on a display of emotion.'

a) Why after 6 years with the team must he be reminded of this?

B) Is this a new concept to Michael Westbrook? Did Norv NEVER try to explain why losing it was a poor thing?

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And Westbrook has matured? He sounds like a pissed-off three-year-old (and I know about that because I have one). I really am pulling for the guy to come around. Hope he has a big year. Still, seldom has anyone done so little with so much. Maybe Lawrence Phillips. Boz. Leaf.

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The bit about him slamming his helmet also bothers me a bit, but I think he knows that if he pulled a stunt like that in a game, Marty would pitt his gonads, and thin slice his johnson. He needs to use my technique for anger management. A large pile of oak in the yard, and an ax.

Though, with Westbrooks luck, he'd be the premier 7 toed wide out in the league.

Scrap that idea.frerotte.gif

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c'mon brothers,

back it down will ya..the fact that westoid will readily concede his teammates essentially blow w/o his presence; is a clear indication of his new found maturity..smile.gif..CHAHAHAHA..wowie kapowie..i'm tellin' ya,these ones that have huge voids in their personna always seem to be little more than an equal tradeoff..if it were me,i'd never draft these types high..

he's talked the talk before..i did like the 1st line about the importance of the OL..there's a broad range of perceptions & philosophies,but to me,what i see teams do when they're losing the battle up front is to increase their committment..

when a defense can't pressure the QB with their down 4,they blitz..they don't maximize coverage,like resort to a prevent or some $#!+..ditto OL..they maximize protection!..if you can't get the DL blocked effectively,how does placing more WRS on the field help?..

committing more bodies isn't the only approach..defenses will get into their mix and look to create an assignment breakdown..and offenses will run misdirection,play-action & move the QB around..but the motive remains the same..get to the QB sooner or get him more time..

an OL or DL mostly comprised of washballs isn't going to get it done!! no one's saying you have to draft in the 1st rd,quality players are found all throughout the draft..at every position..but if the team is overmatched up front & drafting in the early rds enhances the chances of getting a dominant player on the OL/DL then you do it!! hail the skins

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