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OT: Bullets musings.


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I still hope Jordan doesn't come back. But, if he does, the team we have now, won't be good enough to merit Jordan's bother. A lineup of Whitney, Hamilton, Jordan, Brown and Laettner won't win too damn much.

But, you package Whitney and Hamilton to Seattle for Payton, and you might be on to something. Do NOT be surprised if Payton is running the point in D.C., SHOULD Jordan return.

Payton, Alexander, Jordan, Brown and Haywood, with Laettner off the bench at least looks a little more imposing, if not world class smile.gif.

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You would seriously give up Chris Whitney and 24 year old rising star Rip Hamilton for a 34 year old hot head allstar PG in Payton.

We've already have traded young for old to many times, and have gotten bruttaly raped each time.

Rasheed Wallace for Rod Strickland

Chris Webber for Mitch Richmond and Otis Thorpe

We seriously must've had some children running our front office.

I really think Jordan won't come back but I still am excited about the up and coming season. K.Brown, C.Alexander, R.Hamilton, and E.Thomas are all potential stars.

We've ben losing for like 20 str8 years now I can deal with another year of losing. Atleast we'll have some talent to watch develope. Nobody likes to lose but I love the chances of grabbing Jason Williams, or Yao Ming next year.



"It's gonna be a long, long day, baby...Don't bring that weak s--- on this side of the line again, your hear? ... Get up, Brother, so you can go back down again".

"Fred Smoot"

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Hamilton plays the same spot as Alexander and Jordan prefers Alexander. Whitney is backed up by Lue, who could be the future point guard anyway. I'm not saying it will be done, but, I could see it happening smile.gif. I'd also be interested in doing it.


Doom is in the box.

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NO More Washed up Players please.

Jordan will put fannies in seats but would affect our lottery position if he comes back.

I think the ribs and tendonitis will keep him from coming back.

I think we need to lose as much as possible to be in the top 2 or 3 picks and hopefully we can get Williams or a blue chip small forward.

Right now its

C Haywood if he gets the fire in the belly and tude from MJ

PF E Thomas

SF K Brown I tend to think he'll be more perimeter

SG R Hamilton

PG C Whitney

The lineup gives us size and the ability to pass over the zone or for speed

C Laetner

PF K Brown

SF R Hamilton

SG C Alexander

PG Lue

We may lose but they won't sleep walk in games like the last two years.


Take a sip of the Marty Kool Aid and Believe

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I think Jordan'll come back - he just misses it too much. And it'll be o.k. regardless of how he plays. Nobody worries too much about how Johnny Unitas played for the San Diego Chargers - you remember him for the glory years and it'll be the same for Jordan. If he adds to the glory, it works out for us.

I like Kwame so far and both Alexander and Hamilton are still developing their games. Keep 'em. Don't worry about them playing the same position.

Laettner's fodder but only for a year or so. Lue? Don't think he's the answer.

But the bottom line is that the Wizards are going to be FUN to watch. It's been a long time since that was true.

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My god mot Payton. As someone posted earlier, we should have learned our leasson by now about bringing in these old washed up has beens. Payton needs to stay where he is. Let us groom these young guys into good players. Anyway, Payton will want a fortune. Let him keepa steppin.

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