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ESPN: Tiger Woods event on the 4th in DC to pay tribute to Military and chilrden


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This is going to be an amazing event around the 4th of July in DC every year!!!!


Active military and children under 12 will be allowed in for free :cheers:

"Just in case Tiger's presence and the promise of an old-style, challenging course aren't enough to make the AT&T totally fan-friendly, the tournament also will offer free admission to any person currently serving active military duty and all children under 12."

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Huge news. I read about this in the Post this morning. Smaller field the usual and a 1.08 millon dollar payday. This will draw more lower ranked players than the Kemper/Booz Allen tournaments did. A mini-major in DC. :applause:


They are already saying this might be the 5th best tournament right behind Bay Hill. Tiger plans on making this is signature event :applause:

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here is more:

"Military members on active duty will be admitted to the tournament at no charge, and all children 12 and under also would not have to pay. Tickets will be priced at $20 a day from Tuesday to Friday of tournament week, and $25 per day on Saturday and Sunday, with a $65 weekly ticket for all six days, prices believed to be the lowest on the tour's schedule."


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