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NBC's The Black Donnelly's


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Anyone else catch this show? It's from the same writers of the movie "Crash" and I have to say it shows alot of promise. Always been a fan of gangster movies so it's been easy to take to this show. This one's about a family that gets into organized crime because of their loyalty to each other.

I've been impressed with the writing and acting and it's displayed good character development. Hopefully, this one catches on because the story line has made this one of my new favorite shows.

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Not so fast! I think this show is pretty good ... at least so far (only been two episodes.)

This is not your stereotypical, run-0f-the-mill gangster story. It's about a young group of Irish brothers who get mixed up in this world. So far it's very promising.

I don't watch a lot of television, but I've started recording this one.

The only shows I watch:

HBO series' (Rome, Sopranoes, The Wire, Entourage)

The Office

Two and a Half Men


The occasional history or documentary show.

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It ok at best. I'm watching some of the stuff that's going on and parts of it don't come off as believable.

And the whole thing with the 'ice cream' guy narrating and popping into scenes is a little annoying. I'd like to see it get better and do well, but I'm doubtful.

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