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  1. Boy, I hope not. I don't particularly care what happens to the Bengals, but Marvin Lewis and his "entourage" are just dinosaurs in today's NFL. It is just as painful to watch a Bengals game as it is a Redskins game (and they have A LOT of talent on the offensive side). I hope Gruden does not get another head coaching job because it is bad for the league and the fans of those teams.
  2. ---------- Post added October-15th-2012 at 06:21 PM ---------- Just a little harmless fun.
  3. Agreed. I think i'm done with this one...even if it is really funny.
  4. HAHAHA:D ...and the hits just keep on coming.
  5. They'll be wearing that one tomorrow correct? Ive always liked the 65-69 helmet .
  6. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: OMG this is still around!
  7. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: I dont think ive ever laughed as hard at something on this board you have outdone yourself:applause:
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