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Can anyone here make a good Tar Tar ?


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Roux is pretty simple to make. How dark do you want it?

Do you know what a mirepoix is? How about the Holy Trinity?

roux = equal parts flour and fat, heated and stirred constantly.

(also, a great way to make lumpless gravy, and creamy mac-n-cheese)

mirepoix = carrots, onions, and celery (a French thing)

Holy Trinity = onions, celery, and bell peppers (a Cajun thing)

For the tartar, first you'll need a saddle...

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Roux is actually harder to make than it sounds.

The ingredients might sound simple.

But the perfect proportions and the perfect heat level, and the perfect cooking time, and the right amount of stirring are crucial.....Eff up any of those and you just might end up with some burned out Roux.

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