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A question on Leadership........


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I think leadership on a football field depends greatly on the individual who is leading. Seau is a leader. But, how he goes about it might not necessarily be the way another does. Green has always been a leader as has Smith, though both in different ways than Seau, or a player like Theismann.

It's difficult to define this quality. In Jeff George's case, it's possible the team will see him as a problem who is too weak to face up to his own demons. Or, it's possible the team is so angry at the game plan and the position they were put in, George's unwillingness to speak with the media might be deemed as strength and defiance and the team could rally around a leader they don't believe is to blame for the problem against the Chargers.

This, of course, presumes George wasn't to blame. If it is the case that the Chargers were simply better prepared, it could turn out that Jeff's negative traits become a positive one and the team rallies around their beseiged "leader". Yes. This is how I sleep at night smile.gif.


Doom is in the box.

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What If.......

For starters, demonstrated ability. Even if that particular position was not previously held (see George Bush). Even if he has a tutor and still makes the 'decisions' for the offense when he is on the field, even when all hell breaks loose, somebody's glues says: "Follow me, I need volunteers, I need help-are you willing to put up or shut up. Stop talking in MY huddle and LISTEN up, I need to cut on the dime a little better Mike, just hold on to it the next time-we really all could use these first downs and we know you can do it". "dont' worry about the drop-THIS TIME"

It's ok, they flooded the gap on that, that was my fault for not recognizing that blitz guys-I'll do better-you're doing great guys,keep it up!"

Instead, (silence).

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leadership at the qb position to me is the ability to make other players put that extra 5% on the line they didn't think they had to give.

some qbs motivate by being vocal and by performing in clutch situations. others are quietly confident and just don't seem shaken by adversity and that is picked up on by teammates.

but, the bottom line is performance. you can yell and scream but if you don't perform you become a laughingstock. Anyone remember James Washington?

teams need both kinds of leaders. the vocal ones and the ones that lead by quiet example.

The 1980's Redskins had Gary Clark, Theismann and Riggo but they also had Art Monk, Charles Mann and Darrell Green.

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