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Thank you Tom Friend....!!!!

Uno Boss

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I'm not sure I'd be taking much pleasure in thinking that a sports reporter's article alone would cause a major change in the Redskins' game planning, or even be a major reason for them doing so...wouldn't speak very well of the coaches if that were true. Sounds like something Spurrier would do, redesign his scheme based on one ESPN article.

If anything, I'd say the Friend article may have given us fans some insight into the how and why the defense seemed to slip so far down in just one season...but I highly doubt it caused Williams to scrap almost a week's worth of practicing his gameplan, nonetheless cause Gibbs to force him to do so. That would mean Gibbs had no clue about any of these things, which would mean he absolutely sucks as head coach if he needs to learn about the defensive scheme troubles and separate meetings on his own team by reading the newspaper.

So this begs the questions.

What the article right and Gibbs became so removed that he didn't have the teams pulse?

If he did, what did he let them meet only separately and as a whole D and not like most teams, as DBs?

Even without the article, many of us complained about some of the players we let go. I pointed out all the DBs we lost a long long time ago.

We have some fixing to do that needs to happen this offseason. I hope it involved getting a GM. I GM would not have let all those players go.

Coaches coach...GMs evaluate to total team talent, individual talent and go get what the teams needs while keeping it in a healthy cap position.

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If you know what to look for you can clearly see that those changes are why they played so well...

It's amazing how those changes made them tackle better. Looks like going 5-0 is a piece of cake now, thanks to the new Tom Friend defensive inspired game plan schemes.


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