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Redskins at Bucs - Media Packet


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I have a question regarding the media packet:

Page 5 talks about the Dallas game crowd was the 6th biggest in Skins history (90,250). The biggest in FedEx history is the MNF opener this year against Minnesota (90,608). This packet also notes the capacity of FedEx at 91,704. So, does that mean FedEx has never been sold out? I'm missing something, I think. But ... it says that FedEx has never been to capacity. I don't buy it. HELP ON THIS.

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"I have told our players that I can't wait to go back out next week. I don't like that game or the taste it left in our mouth." -Coach Gibbs

Amen to that!

So I'm guessing they really really really really can't wait to get out there next week?

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