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Politics and the Redskins in DC


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Politics and the Redskins in DC Last week President Bush had the Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld step down. He was and stout supporter of Mr Rumsfeld and despite his loyalty to him he made the hard call to do what was best for what I'll call the team. He benched his QB!

I predict that this week Coach Gibbs will do the same depite his loyaties to Mark and he'll smooth it over as well as President Bush did to make everyone happy. I have heard that there is a strange correlating history of Politics and the Redskins in DC, this will be another.

Hopefully Presidents Bush's move will turn things around in the right direction for our troops in Iraq and Coach Gibbs' decision will do the same for the Redskins. It may not save the season, but it will sure make things look a little brighter for the future as did the decision of our Commander in Chief.

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the interesting thing about this thread is I think it is this area that makes us such bad fans. We are famous for the qb controversy, the grass is always greener on the other side. I think your right, it has to do with politics and how this area is probably one of the most politicaly jucied cause its the capital.

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