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Any of you guys ever read about this fund?

Just finished "When Genius Fails" and thought it was really interesting. Just wanted to see if any of the rest of you had read anything about it...

PB--you might enjoy it.

read about aramath,they lost 6-$9 billion in 2 days LOL betting on natural gas.
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Yup - I also heard that 'Inventing Money' talked more in detail about what went wrong.

If geniuses can get it that wrong, combined with higher costs, only convinces me to stay away from brokers and have a simple investing strategy for my portfolio (a mix of domestic, foreign and emerging market equity as well as REITs).

Bombardiers is also a great read.

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And it was just one guy who screwed up the fund, too. Some guy in his 30's making $35M. Wish I could get a job like that...

Not exactly...the risk managers were out to lunch too. There's no way you let trades that have that much exposure just run. There had to be some failure to supervise that, at least in (large) part, led to that scale of losses.

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