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Sure, this year has been an overhaul catastrophe for this organization, but should this really be a surprise?

As long as the fanbase are illusionates and purchasing tickets, why should this organization change their ways?

Now, I am not advocating for anyone to discontinue being a Skins fan, but when do we start to see the production as reimbursement of our ticket investments.

Will the team realize a change when there 10,000 fans sitting in the stadium?


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Their pocketbook is the only way to reach them, but considering that the season ticket waiting list is so long I doubt that the seats will stop selling out anytime soon.

I'm not buying any Redskins apparel, nor supporting them financially in any way.

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Synder is a fan of this team just like the rest of us, except he happened to have the $100mil to buy the team. Yeah, Snyder is rich and business savvy, but do not doubt that this guy is a Skins Fan first and a business man second. He wants the skins to win so bad he can taste it. He does everything he can do to help the team, it isn't always the best thing but it isn't for money reasons. It's out of a desire to win. the team has problems, Snyder isn't one of them....anymore.

2 words should make you feel better about this....




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Snyder is a fan of two things, his ego and his checkbook. He's a control freak that's going to run this franchise into the ground, plain and simple.

I'd like to seer the proof to back up these assetions. Dan Synder gave control of the team to Joe Gibbs. All Dan does is sign the checks.

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