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  1. This is my periodic public service announcement to remind our fans that the shade of gold in the uniform in called "Maize". As in corn. Because our mascot is a Native American and the Native Americans created corn by selective breeding. Did you know that corn cannot live in the wild? It is wholly dependent on humans to distribute its seed and grow and pass on it genes. So for the love of all that is awesome with football and native horticulture, stop calling our shade of gold "Mustard." It is "Maize." Thank you for your attention.
  2. Can someone explain Zardes to me? I get that he's fast but I haven't seen anything from him that would justify inclusion on the USMNT. There has to be a winger somewhere that can get take on his man, get off a decent cross, and get back on defense. Zardes is just not that player, IMHO. And I hope JK doesn't start Guzan in goal. He's shell shocked from his time in the EPL.
  3. No. Nike brought the original MLS teams these abominations, with the exception of DC United which was Adidas.
  4. Just a public service reminder that our colors are Burgundy and Gold. And the Gold in the uniform is a shade called Maize. If you want to look at one of the best uniform combinations in the history of the league please look at my avatar. Thank you.
  5. I think Snyder feels as if he's been backed into a corner. No matter what he does he is going to lose. I think he and his team vastly underestimated the fanaticism of Harjo and, with the emergence of people like Halbritter seeking legitimacy, she has money to burn. He should have meet with her early on. He should have gone to the NA people early on and addressed their needs before Harjo gained any traction with national media and politicians. Now the foundation and any overtures of good will be seen as trying to bribe NA's to keep his money train rolling. So what does he do? I've said
  6. Socialism is an economic model where the workers own the means of production. You described every culture known to man. All cultures push what is deemed acceptable and punish what is not.
  7. I have a question, who will make Snyder change the name of his business? This is really the only question that needs to be asked. Which government entity is going to void the 1st Amendment and force a private citizen to change the name of his business? I hear this all the time that "they" are going to force the redskins to change their name. But who is they? And wouldn't the government have to compensate Snyder for taking away his intellectual property? As I'm not a legal scholar I haven't been able to find any real legal guidance on the 5th Amendment idea of Takings as it applies to IP bu
  8. Change the name to "The Washington Warriors" and keep the colors, the logo, the history. Change HTTR to HTTW. Have Snyder say that in light of the trademark decision that he has now seen the light and doesn't want to offend. Have him highlight the work of the foundation. And then dare those PC ****ers to **** about the picture of the proud warrior on the helmet. He will win that PR battle.
  9. Then don't include the one-sided characterizations of the Redskins officials' actions in the private meeting. Doing so renders the article biased against the Redskins and places the piece in the opinion column. The Fritz Pollard official said that the head of the outreach foundation yelled, acted belligerently and wouldn't let Snyder answer any questions. That paints the Skins as uncaring and intractable. Maske should have reported on the Fritz Pollard objection and left the salacious details out if he couldn't get a rebuttal from the Skins. But the Post is not unbiased in this matter.
  10. The seats that bounce are still there. They are on a track so they could be moved for the baseball configuration. The temporary stands where the risers in the end zones. They are gone due to the Nationals. The north stand was scraped because the cost to take them down and rebuild them was around 40 grand each time, IIRC. And since the Nats weren't paying rent... I get your point about building new bouncy seats as gimmick. But you wrote that they bounced because of the atmosphere and the team being good. That isn't correct. The seats bounced because they are built on springs. Wouldn't fans
  11. Not to pick nits but the RFK visitor side seats bounce because they are on springs and a track. I have given up my Skins tickets for DC United tickets and will experience the RFK bouncing seats in person again this summer.
  12. Maske could have waited to get a comment before going to press. Is that too much to ask? And I don't think that characterizing the WP as wholly in the name change camp is intellectually lazy. I don't think I've read an article that paints the Redskins name in a favorable light in the Post ever. They have been openly hostile to the Redskins since Snyder took over. I also don't think it intellectually lazy to question the media's motives when they trot out Ray Halbritter to represent the poor, aggrieved Native Americans. The man sells Smokin' Joe cigarettes with the picture of a Plains chief
  13. The article reported one side of the story, as usual. Maske didn't write that he reached out to Edwards and was denied comment. The Fritz Pollard guy did say he left the meeting impressed at all Snyder and his foundation were doing for NAs. But all we get is that the Redskins shouted down the civil rights activists. This is just another thinly veiled hit piece by the WP. And why is it important that Snyder sit down with the name changers? He already knows their position. It would only serve to further their goals and diminish Snyder. I wouldn't give them the press. I also wonder if the
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