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If you think that Brunell's faith has nothing to do with him being the starting QB of the skins, you're being delusional about it in my opinion. When Gibbs openly prays on the sideline in crucial moments of the game and his inept QB happens to share the same level of faith, it is not classless to point it out as a reason why he continues to start. I think it is classless to have public displays of religion in professional sports when you earn millions to do your job. Whatever they want to do on their own time is their business. They both use their positions that get them media attention to promote their religious beliefs and to point it out is not baseless. I did not bring up their religion, they put on display and to make an opinion on the connection between Brunell's starting despite his poor play and his public faith is fair game in my view because they made it a public issue.

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Yeah, you are bringing it up. And you are accusing Gibbs of religious discrimination, which is kind of a big deal. I really hope you had more evidence than your gut feeling and a personal opinion that Brunell stinks before making such a strong accusation.

And now would be a good time to present that evidence.

Look I did not want to turn this into a tailgate thread either. I just posted and some people made comments on my sig and I decided to respond, I'll do it via PM to keep from hijacking threads in the future. My opinion is based on Gibbs praying while on the job, handing out religious material to football fans seeking autographs and talking about a "feeling" that came over him to start Brunell after week 1 last year and Mark's public discussion of his beliefs.

I am not saying that is the only reason Brunell is here, but I think it plays a major role. Gibbs has constantly praised Brunell's non-football skills and character and I believe that his religious beliefs factor into that. And yes I think that we would have been less likely to draft Campbell if he was not religious.

I have immense respect for Gibbs as a coach, but I think he is letting his religious beliefs factor into his personnel decisions. He has way more leeway and deservedly so than any other coach in the NFL, but to publicly promote your religious beliefs on the job leaves you open to criticism particularly when a large number of personnel decisions involve bringing in people that share the same faith openly in public forums. His sticking with Brunell has perplexed me since 04 and honestly believe that if Mark wasn't religious, he wouldn't be here. I hope I am wrong, but I don't think I am.

Back to the regularly scheduled programming of the thread...

Start Rock at RB.

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