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Parking question


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Get off 495 at exit 17B. Head west. Take a left at light. It's simple to find.

When you make that left it is on the right hand side but there is no entrance there. Do you have to make the next right (before the Green/RV lot) after you pass it to get to the entrance?

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you go PAST the entrance to the stadium, which is on your left, to the bottom of the hill there is a big Burgundy and Gold sign that says "Tailgate Lot." You turn there and pull in. 20 bucks and just a few hunderd yards from the people paying 15 bucks more.

Cool, thanks for clearing that up. I've never parked there, just drive by every game on my way to the green lots. I assumed the entrance was right there, but that's what I for assuming :)

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