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Making a 2005 and 2006 Chris Paul CD


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Hey ya'll I am going to make a cd that has all of Chris Paul's songs from last year on one cd, and all of this years songs (when the season is over) on another cd.

But I was wondering if any one has last years songs on their computer and can e-mail them to me, so that i can rip them to my comp and burn a 2 disc redskins cd.

Please let me know, because 20 years from now, I'll pick it up and be like, "I remember Chris Paul, and his Redskins songs." :laugh:

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Cowboys vs Redskins - "Whup that trick"

Broncos vs Redskins - "Diamonds are forever"

Chiefs vs Redskins - "Mike Jones"

Giants vs Redskins - "I'm a hustler"

Eagles vs Redskins - "Soul Survivor"

Cardinals vs Redskins - "Play"

Cowboys vs Redskins - "Grave Diggers"

Those are 8 songs of 2005 and the names, I think DC Smooth has them.

If you do lemme know!!!!!!!!!!!

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im in, but i would get in contact with them before you start recording songs, wouldnt want him to stop on account of someone stealing his work...

Yea, that might be good too, but I'm not gonna sell them, I'm gonna make them and give them away.

maybe :rolleyes:


I might sell them...........:D

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