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I feel that Campbell has the strongest arm and tightest spiral of the 3 QB's. But he looked lost on a few of the drills, esp when he threw the pick. We all have our days though.

Taylor Jacobs, normally a hall-of-famer in practice, looked terrible, dropping passes and muffing a kickoff return and nearly another.

Rocky is physically intimidating, but was a deer in the headlights on a few plays. On one in particular, a D-lineman dropped back into coverage and Rocky was supposed to cover the RB in the flat. Instead, he just stood there and picked his nose. Rookie. He'll be fine.

Marcus Washington has a motor that just doesn't stop.

Montgomery looked awesome. He manhandled everyone he went up against, including Rabach.

Rabach looked.... man, I hope he was just having a "bad day" :(

Highlight of the night was CP throwing a long pass, then running around like he just won the Super Bowl. Hilarious.

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