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Just spoke w/Jerry Rice re:Art Monk for HOF


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He definitely deserves to be in. He broke steve largent's all time receiving record. He was apart of 3 super bowls. He at one point was the single season record holder for a receiver. I don't understand the bias towards art monk. Peter King is a &(*&*^^%^%^&! I really can't stand him.

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Pro Bowls are a joke and that's made evident everytime the likes of Roy Williams is voted to go. It's even more of a joke when a QB like Vick is voted to go. I won't take away from Vicks athletic ability but a Pro Bowl QB he's not. So IMO the amount of Pro Bowls you attended should have nothing to do with your place in the HOF.

I agree with the arguement about Monks supporting cast overshadowing him is total BS. You would think being the go to guy on a 3 time Super Bowl team would be more than enough to garner his admission but he didn't kiss the mediots asses so they hate on him. It is a popularity contest that Monk wasn't willing to enter himself into. I say F the HOF. Snyder should build an Art Monk hall of Fame for the true believers to enter into and give homage to one of if not the best Redskin receiver of all times (Charlie Taylor was the man). It could be like the tabernacle on the other side of DC but instead of a golden angel it would have a Super Bowl trophy on top and a sign out front that says F the mediots, I don't need you suckas!

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