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I should really suck it up and become an ESPN Insider.. But I still remember the days when information used to be free... Mehh.. Anyways, yeah Green seems to be pretty knowledgable. I've read a few of his things, can't remember where, maybe espn, maybe nfl.com??

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Eric (Philly): As expected, the Eagles are at the bottom in ESPNs Receiver rankings. Can I expect Jabar Gaffney and Reggie Brown to exceed expectations?

SportsNation Jeremy Green: I think Browns is going to be a #1 target... it may take another year forthat to come to frution. As for Gaffney, I think the jury is still out. In Houston he played like a #3, but he also had a QB that struggled behind a poor O-line. In Philly with a much more explosive offense, I think Gaffney exceeds expecations.

Tyrone (DC): JG - why are you so high on the Cowboys? We all know the O-line is suspect, immobile QB and average secondary. Sure, TO helps, but its not like McNabb is throwing to him. Its Bledsoe. Thoughts?

SportsNation Jeremy Green: I am a little higer on the O-line than most people. They get Adams back and either Pettiti or Fabini to swing at both OT spots depending on who is not the starter. Their depth is better. I disagree with the secondary too. I think we can expect far fewer mentals from Henry and Williams now that they are more cmfortable in the system. I like this team on defense, and think the offense will be better.

Ephraim R. (Maple Shade, NJ): Seriously, as a Giants fan, I'm glad everyone is predicting the Boys, Birds, and Skins to win the division. *Respect* is totally overrated, and if the prognosticators decide that the Skins *really* improved this off-season (unlike the 6 other off seasons where they *really* improved), or that the Eagles had just such an awesome draft that they can't be stopped, or that TO + Bledsoe is finally the magic combo, I'll take that. Forget Arrington, Moss, Demps, etc etc. What everyone should really do is focus on that lousey playoff game and forget the Giants lost no key players, and improved in every offensive, defensive, and special teams catagory a team can collectivly improve in. Think about the Panthers loss, the other 16 games were an illusion. Forget the Giants. Seeya in January.

SportsNation Jeremy Green: Ephraim you are a little too hostile right now.... I like the Giants to finsih 3rd in the division behind Dalls and Washington.

Hardley (New York): Hey Jeremy, with the addition of LaVar Arrington and Sam Madison to an unbelieveble pass rush, can the Giants have a top 5 defense?

SportsNation Jeremy Green: I think the pass defense will be much better. A lot will depend on their ability to stop the run. Arrington is a solid addition, but I still have concerns about their DT play.

Chris _(Hercules, CA): How does the new 3-4 look in Dallas? Is Carpenter as good as advertised? What can you tell me about Jason Hatcher the third rounder?

SportsNation Jeremy Green: It looks good. Carpenter will be a steady player which is good because this defense gives up too many big plays due to mentals. Hatcher is one of the few true DE's in this draft after Wlliams went. He is a big body that can play the run. He was like 290 coming out of Grambling, and he will only get better once he gets in a structured weight program.

hris(ny): Do you think Eli's problems from the 2nd half last season were teams adjusting to the Giants offensive scheme and eli's tendencies? Im looking foward to seeing Eli take the next step with one full season under his belt and everyone from the starting offense coming back along with Sinorice. I think everyone is being to harsh and over critical on him and forget that that he has only started 23 games in his career. With that said you think he is gonna take his game to the next level this season?

SportsNation Jeremy Green: I have alwasy been a big supporter and his struggles late last season were not all on him. I do think he will get better and really I am not trying to "down" the Giants, but I think Dallas and Washington made more strides.

ryan (ft myers, fl): when the eagles finish first in the east, how about you jump off of the walt whitman bridge?

SportsNation Jeremy Green: And you will do what? this is not a one-way bet.


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There's a lot of stuff there. But I don't see how Will Demps is the savior of the Giant secondary. While Ephraim didn't say that, only mentioning him, the ESPN guys seemed to think he was a noteworthy upgrade. A safety that averages less than a sack and a pick a year? I don't even see him as an upgrade over Williams.

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