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Thanks man. I'l keep looking on here. I feel really bad for my wife, she cried most of the morning thinking she had let me down somehow.

Wow man, hope you convinced her everything's fine. I posted a link in your classified thread if you haven't checked it recently. Not sure how much help it'll be, but it has some ticket listings.

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You can always call up the redskins and purchase season tickets in the 200 level (limited view) for around $290-$500 per seat. The more expensive the more you see. The only reason why I suggest this is because, you can purchse the whole season for the price that you are going to pay for that one game.

Some of these tickets are not that bad, I've sat in them. My advise if you plan on doing this call the Redskins see what tix they have available in the 200 level and when you go to the stadium to pick them up they will let you "try out" the seats to see which ones you would like.

A friend and I did it and we paid $350 per seat for all 10 games and the only thing that is limited is high punts and kickoffs.

Just a suggestion.

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