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What a great day at the Hoops for Homeless..


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Today there was the charity 3 on 3 basketball event at the verizon center to fight homelessness. I had a team the played in the tournement. There was a lot of Skins current and non-current players along with ravens and other TV people..

SO.. When we started our games.. A lady comes up and tells us we are going to have a celebrity coach.. then she said our is Art Monk!!!!

So as we were warming up, here comes Art Monk talking to us..He was on the bench coaching us. Very nice guy, talked about his businesses in the area, etc, it was great and took a pic with us.

Our Second game.. Ken Harvey was our coach.. good guy too, asked him for an authograph.. he was like i don't do authographs..then smiled and said i'm just joking.. huge guy..

In our Last game... Shawn Springs was out on our court.. So talked to him a few minutes.. he was like i have to shake your hand with my left hand coz i hit Portis's helmet in pratice and hurt my right hand (nothing serious though).. we even joked about first Brunell and now him.. signed my jersey and took a pic with my sister..

Also, met Tom Carter, Cedric Killings, O. Cash, Ricky Ervins, Reggie Evans and Tyrone Drakeford But missed B-mitch..and for you Basketball folks.. Magic Johnson took a pic with us.. it was GREAT DAY..


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