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What is up with all this talk about cowboy's,Eagles and Giants? Thats all you here about all day long. cowgirl are going to the superbowl Giants are the division champs and Eagles could also win the divison . it is crazy talk this divison is too unpredictable to even say who will win it. do you agree with that statement ? The redskins have made some key move this off-season by filling a lot of holes in their offense and should be a force to be reckoned with IMO!

Yes I know most of the concerns they have with us is QB which is IMO is not a concern for me because look at Brunnels performance last year it took me by surprise just like everyone else.Plus GIBBS he doesn't need a all-pro QB to run his system and win superbowls I.E. JT,DW,MR.

I am very excited about this season this year it is going to be one we all will remember IMO.

:eaglesuck :dallasuck :gaintsuck :cheers:

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I hear that everyday too and understand where you're coming from. The thing is, I hardly ever hear anyone call in and even ask about the Redskins,much less defend them.

I'm in the service truck all day at work and never really have the time to call in. Where is Redskins Nation at???????

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