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Trent Modglin of ESPN picks skins to win the East


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Sounds like an idiot.. It pains him to pick the redskins? wtf

negative. not an idiot, he picked the Skins' dude! He was pained bc it was hard for him to make a pick, he thinks the NFC East will be a close race. At least thats what i got out of it.

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Never heard of this guy, but its funny how he thinks the Eagles can compete in other divisions. We may be the best division in football, but the Eagles are a complete mess.

Dude dont overlook the Eagles. Yah they'll finish fourth but I'm sure they will give us hell in two hard fought games. Look what happened when we played them for all the marbles week 17 last season, and they were banged up as hell.

I seriously think that the last place finishisher could have a better/equal record than lets say, the winner of the NFC West. Or at least within a game. Seattle 9-7, Eagles 8-8.

Powerful division.

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I worry about what good press may do to us. Like last year, I want the mediots to laugh at us and predict gloom and cap hell for years. :)

I laugh when I look around the league at teams like the Titans and others, who are "admittedly" in cap hell. Yet we seem to be able to do what we want, because our players have been more than willing to restructure deals for the last 2 years. Stupid media people. :laugh:

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