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Portis, Weight!!


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I rarely post on Extremeskins, although I visit the site everyday but after watching today's Redskins.com TV Broadcast I had to get your all's opinion. Portis looks like he has lost 10 to 15 lbs. Does anyone have any insight on this? If you watch the video about him today, he just looks much thinner and trim, although it could be because he wasn't wearing any pads. Thanks!!!

Go Skins!!

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He isn't eating cheesburgers at midnight anymore :whoknows: GOOD! imo with the spread offence he is better off slimming back down to his weight he had in Denver this way he won't tripp over his own feet the first half of the season while he gets in shape ala last year. Barring injury CP will have 2000Yds this year I feel it.

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