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Anybody know about investing?


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Hey guys – I am at my internship trying to get over this hangover at my desk and looking to see if anyone out there knows much about investing because I need to find some statistics for my boss. I am a government affairs intern so usually I am dealing with government policy research, which I know and can do well, but when it comes to investing/finance I am lost. One of my bosses wants me to find out how much money I would get as a return if I had invested 1 dollar in the Dow Jones Index, NASDAQ or real estate in 2005. I was able to find pretty easily the return for the Dow Jones Index in 2005 but I can’t find anything on NASDAQ and I am not sure how to even give a value for real estate (as there is no index like NASDAQ or the Dow Jones). I am not even sure why my boss needs these statistics as this is a lobbying firm, and we don't deal with anything like this usually.

Don’t know if anybody knows the answer to these questions but there are so many people on here that I figure someone does stuff like this.

Anyhow – if anybody knows a good site to find out how much NASDAQ gained in JUST 2005 or how you measure a return on real estate I would be very thankful.

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I am an economist with a pretty good understanding of finance. I would first like to say that I don't like where your boss seems headed, as these figures are very vague and will probably be used to justify ideas that they do not accurately reflect. The most glaring is real estate. This is such a local industry, that even aggregate #'s do not reflect national trends. As well, construction and the market are often not in sync in terms of production and demand. Hence, we are about to experience an enormous housing surplus. If you just bought a house, sorry, you should have waited a few months. The NASDAQ #'s represent stocks that are technology/new industry types. For instance, many hightech computer stocks are found there. The NYSE is known more as a blue chip exchange, with industries like energy, manufacturing, steel production. These are the types of stocks that have less upside but a lot less risk(people will always need these goods). Obviously these are generalizations but I think you will see these notions reflected in the #'s. Give him the stats he wants but explain to him why you feel that they do not accurately reflect reality. Explain why and I think he will at least enjoy this explaination.:2cents:

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